Class EzCrypto::Certificate
In: lib/ezsig.rb
Parent: Verifier

Certificate provides functionality to make it easy to extract information from a Certificate. This also provides all the same functionality as a Verifier.


Public Class methods

Intialize with a OpenSSL cert object.

Public Instance methods

Returns the OpenSSL Certificate object

Returns true

Returns the SHA1 hex digest of a the DER encoded certificate. This is useful as a unique identifier.

Returns the hash of extensions available in the certificate. These are not always present.

Returns a Name object containt the issuer of the certificate.

Any methods defined in Name can be used here. This means you can do rather than

Returns the certificates valid not after date.

Returns the certificates valid not before date.

Register the certificate at PKYP

Returns the issuers serial number for this certificate

Returns a Name object containt the subject of the certificate. The subject in X509 speak is the details of the certificate owner.

Is this certificate valid at this point in time. Note this only checks if it is valid with respect to time. It is important to realize that it does not check with any CRL or OCSP services to see if the certificate was revoked.