Module ActiveCrypto::ClassMethods
In: lib/active_crypto.rb

Usage is very simple. You will generally only need the two class methods listed here in your ActiveRecord class model.


ActiveCrypto and EzCrypto are released under the MIT license.


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This project was based on code used in my project StakeItOut, where you can securely share web services with your partners.

(C) 2005 Pelle Braendgaard


encrypt   keyholder  

Included Modules

ActiveCrypto::Encrypted ActiveCrypto::AssociationKeyHolder

Public Instance methods

Turn encryption on for this record. List all encrypted attributes

  class Document < ActiveRecord::Base
                encrypt :title,:body

Include optional option :key, to specify an external KeyHolder, which holds the key used for encrypting and decrypting:

  class Document < ActiveRecord::Base
        belongs_to :user
        encrypt :title,:body,:key=>:user

Creates support in this class for holding a key. Adds the following methods:

  • enter_password(password,salt="onetwothree")
  • set_session_key(key)
  • session_key

Use it as follows:

  class User < ActiveRecord::Base
        has_many :documents